Terry for Texas


  • Using my experience in local economic development to create good-paying jobs with good benefits.

  • Helping our neighborhood schools by reducing the unfair standardized tests, meddlesome state regulations, and by increasing community involvement and local control.

  • Promoting tax fairness to decrease the burden on homeowners and require major corporations to pay their fair share of property taxes.

  • Backing an Opportunity Plan that increases access to job training and a college education, strengthens consumer protections, and makes state agencies more effective and responsive.

  • Building bridges to all communities instead of pitting one group against another.

This district deserves someone who will do more than simply show up. We need a representative in the legislature who understands the needs of our community and will fight for them.

This district deserves someone who will understand its past, its present, and its future. To truly understand this area today, it helps to have grown up here and witnessed its astounding growth and change. My grandparents owned a farm located north of 183 between O’Connor and MacArthur. My father worked in barbershops up and down Irving Blvd. Today, Grand Prairie and Irving are far different – much more diverse and dynamic.

 This district deserves someone with the knowledge and experience to be able to work hard to provide solutions to the challenges we face. With over 40 years of community service, I want to take my lifetime of education and experience in this community and put it to good use to better serve the people of Irving and Grand Prairie.

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